For Business

My-Loop is the first GDPR compliant CRM system.

  • Store customer data safely and properly.
  • Access more data - e.g. provide an email and get back a full profile.
  • Automatic quality-control.

For Individuals

Easily control your personal data and make the internet a more positive place.

Our Vision

The internet has become a worrying place, where companies covertly spy on your private business, and sell your personal data.

My-Loop is a better way: we replace covert surveillance with honest partnership, making user-control an asset not an inconvenience.

My-Loop provides transparency and an ethical approach to using profiling and customer data in advertising, marketing, and sales.

Our objectives

1. Personal Control

The public should have control over their personal data. GDPR will soon make this a legal requirement in the UK and EU with serious financial penalties. However implementing GDPR compliant sales & marketing is a challenge.

2. Simplicity

Provide a simple, effortless and safe way for the general public to see, share and monetise their personal data

3. Value

To harness the value of quality data for business.

4. Transparency

Bring data capture and usage out of the dark.

5. Quality

Helping organisations access a greater quantity and quality of data, while complying with GDPR legal rules.

How it Works

For Business

  1. Upload your data into My-Loop, or use My-Loop forms to collect your data.

  2. Access the data via our simple fast API.

  3. Connect to the GDPR Actions API to meet your GDPR compliance obligations.

  4. Monetise your data, by allowing other companies to make use of it -- according to rules you set.

  5. Enhance your data, automatically enriching it with extra information from other data sources. This gives you detailed up-to-date profiles, without hassling your users.

For Individuals

My-Loop collects data about you from various sources, and organises it into a profile. This is your profile -- you can access and control this data through the secure My Loop web-app.

  • Explore what your digital profile reveals about you.
  • Choose what data is private, and what can be used and by whom.
  • Decide what charities you want to support.

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Positive experience

My-Loop creates a positive online experience where consumers can take back control and fund real social impact. In addition it breathes new life into brand engagement online as low-value banner space is transformed into high-value targeted video advertising. Directly empowering the public increases trust and circumvents a common issue with privacy solutions by leaving the definition of acceptable intrusion to the creator. My-Loop seeks not to end the use of personal data for commercial means but to make it more effective and respectful, while helping regulate, inform, and educate